Design of sports halls

Design of sports halls

How to choose the necessary equipment and where to place it? How to plan working and warm-up zones, pick up color equipment and more? We help our customers to answer these questions, creating projects for future halls, which include drawings and specifications, indicating the recommended equipment and so on.


Проектування Боксерських клубів
Проектування Боксерських клубів
Проектування Боксерських клубів

How to create a project of the future hall:

Sending the layout of your room


Send a diagram of your room in the format pdf, jpg or other format convenient for you. The perimeter scheme should specify the dimensions.

We design and agree accommodation


In the drawings, the location of suspended, wall and floor shells is indicated, the zones of their action affect, a specification is drawn up.

Create a 3-D model of the projected hall


Thanks to the 3-dimensional model, you can see the premises of the equipped hall at the design stage and understand whether everything conceived corresponds to the project.

After drawing up of such project and the coordination with the buyer, the equipment of a premise is much facilitated, and allows to create sports halls pleasing with the practicality and functionality.

Order for miscalculation of the gym equipment

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