Boyko-Sport Products at the Palace of Sports of Izmail

Boyko-Sport Products at the Palace of Sports of Izmail

Our team used universal gymnastic apparatuses to arrange the Palace of Sports of Izmail, because training may be performed by both young sportspeople and experienced ones. We completed the arrangement of boxing and fighting halls and are very satisfied with our work!

The boxing hall

Now the boxing hall is equipped according to all the latest standards. There is a professional boxing ring in the middle, correct assembly and top-quality materials of which allows running not only municipal, but all-Ukrainian and international competitions as well. The working zone contains punch bags and speed balls which are reliably fixed and assembled. Along the perimeter of the hall the wall uppercut bags for practicing the punches are placed. All gymnastic apparatuses are easily adaptable to any age and weight categories.

The fighting hall

Our team places the 6.5 x 6.5 ring in the fighting hall. It is made out of special material that does not scratch the sportspeople’s skin. We also developed and set a special training zone and the bags.

All products of Boyko-Sport bear high level of training load. Correct assembly and top-quality materials allow using the products during the period from 10 to 15 years.

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