Training Equipment

Training Equipment

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Wall Shadowboxing Equipment

Код: bs18010002
The equipment is fixed to a wall. With our "Shadow Boxer" simulator, you can make an effective workout on whole body resistance power (from the palms to the feet). This additional resistance turns into speed and explosive power of the…

Standard Shadowboxing Trainer

Код: bs18010001
With the "Shadowboxing" trainer, you can effectively use the power of resistance of the whole body (from the palms to the feet) during muscle training. This additional resistance turns into speed and explosive power of the hands, mobility…

Moving System for Punching Bags Hanging

Код: bs04081035
The system can be fixed to the ceiling. A double stand can additionally be purchased for this system to be installed.

Neck Exerciser

Код: bs18010003
Head strap is a training device for neck. With this neck exerciser you can easily pump the muscles of the neck, changing the angle of the load when doing exercises, as well as the weight. It can be used both in an apartment, and in a gym,…

Dynamic Simulator (garland) made of 6 Pneumo Bags, Leather

Код: bs05011309
Длина: 5 метровКоличество груш: 6. Цвет: чёрный, красный







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