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Floor Turnbuckles for Floor-Mounted Rings (1l/m)

Код: bs02030006
Turnbuckles with a special rope for strengthening the ring construction and attachment of the tire.

Corner Post Cover

Код: bs02030012
Corner post cover from PVC fabrics for corner posts of the ring.

Corner Post for Floor-Mounted Ring

Код: bs02030011
A special metal construction on which the ring ropes are attached. It is made from a round tube with stops.

Mat Duplicated with Jute Cloth 2 * 100 * 200. Area 160

Код: bs02030007
Represents a polyurethane of a secondry foaming 1.5 cm thick glued on both sides with a burlap or jute cloth. The thickness, density and elasticity of foam rubber is selected in accordance with the recommendations of AIBA. The duplication of…

Turnbuckle for Ring Ropes in PVC Covering

Код: bs02030005
Turnbuckle for Ring Ropes in PVC Covering



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