Boxing Ring Accessories

Boxing Ring Accessories

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Boxing Ring Floor PVC Canvas

Код: bs02030009
PVC ring canvas is a coating made of PVC fabric by the method of heat sealing. PVC fabric is extremely durable, non-slip and waterproof, which makes it much easier to clean the ring platform using any detergents. A wide range of colors and good…

Boxing Ring Floor Canvas (Special Tent Cloth)

Код: bs02030008
Ring canvas made of special tent cloth is a covering for a ring with canvas such as "tarpaulin" sewn into a single cloth. Such coverage does not reflect light, so it is preferred in cases where a filming or broadcasting of fights is needed.…

Ropes Covers

Код: bs02030001
Ropes covers are made of PVC fabric, due to which our ropes remain elastic and retain their color throughout their service life. Price per linear meter.

Floor Turnbuckles for Floor-Mounted Rings (1l/m)

Код: bs02030006
Turnbuckles with a special rope for strengthening the ring construction and attachment of the tire.

Triangle Corner Ring Pad

Код: bs02030013
Triangle Corner Ring Pad

Plane Ring Corner Pad

Код: bs02030015
Plane Ring Corner Pad

Stairs for Platform Rings (Olympic)

Код: bs02030022
The stairs for climbing to a ring platform. It is made of square metal pipe and plywood steps, covered with carpet.

Platform Boxing Ring Skirt

Код: bs02030010
It is a banner fabric that covers the platform around the perimeter. It is possible to apply customer's logo. Price per linear meter.

PVC Cover for Ropes Turnbuckles

Код: bs02030004
PVC Cover for Ropes Turnbuckles. 16 pic kit



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